Located north of Banbury
We have used RAF Chipping Warden in the past for some big games of 40 players with excellent game play. The range of rifles means that no where is safe. With snipers in towers, teams defending buildings while your crawling through trenches and wildlife to attack the centre controlled area creates some truly great gameplay.

Very good site which many of our regular players think delivers some of the best gun fights.

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Chipping Warden is an ex-WW2 RAF base in 17 acres of woodland with:

5 bunkers

2 1/2 run down buildings

2 large buildings


empty swimming pool

17 trenches

sniper point

plenty of rubble for cover


Gameplay involves large games over the whole area attacking and defending capture points. There is plenty of cover and obstacles over the whole map from caravans, rubble, broken down buildings and more.

On Site Services

There is a toilet on site located next to the car park.



Located near Banbury and the M40 on the A361


Culworth Rd

Chipping Warden


OX17 1TL


Once in Chipping Warden proceed down Culworth Road and take the second left. Keep right when the road splits and drive through the gate, then turn left to enter the car park.


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